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Granby River Dental

We are a local dental practice with international ties which enable us to provide treatment based on up-to-date, unbiased, peer reviewed science and tap into the expertise of our medical / dental colleagues.

We are a functional dental practice providing comprehensive treatment for both children and adults of all ages.

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Core Values of Granby River Dental

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We believe in honest, open, respectful conversation with our patients to ensure mutual understanding


We believe in supporting our patients to make informed choices that best suit their individual needs


We believe in providing excellence in our dental treatment and integrity in our relationship with our patients


We believe in staying current in our constantly growing field and passing our knowledge on to our patients


We believe in decreasing our environmental footprint and we choose products that support a cleaner planet

The river I step in is not the river I stand in.

- Heraclitus

My goal in providing patient care is to remain current in a constantly evolving field. I am fortunate to have both the Kois Center and the Wellness Dentistry Network to collaborate with. I deeply trust the integrity of these post-graduate organizations; they support me in applying existing and emerging dental and health science to serve my patients’ best interests.

Through our approach to unbiased, evidence-based risk assessment, my staff and I enable our patients to make choices that support their individual dental health and wellness wishes.

- Tracy Tambosso

Dr. Tambosso

Dr. Tracy Tambosso, DMD is a Dentist and Clinical Instructor with the Kois Center

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Your Whole Health is Important to Us

Visiting Granby River Dental is about promoting health, including vitality and beauty, in your mouth and your whole body.

At Granby River Dental we are very good at what we do and we certainly do not try to do it all, therefore we work closely with a hand-picked group of like-minded specialists to provide our patients with a referral base we believe in.